Everything About Pickleball in Portland Pickleball (Places, Leagues, and more)

All things pickleball in Portland

Portland, known for its vibrant sports culture, offers pickleball enthusiasts an exciting array of pickleball ooptions to showcase their skills and compete against fellow players. With its growing popularity, pickleball has taken the city by storm, attracting players of all ages and skill levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking to dive into the world of competitive pickleball, use our guide to find:

  1. Best places to play Pickleball in Portland
  2. Pickleball leagues
  3. Pickleball tournaments

The best places to play pickleball in Portland

There are a lot of places to play pickleball in Portland. And the good news is that the number of pickleball courts in Portland is continuing to grow. Some of our favorites pickleball spots in Portland include:

  1. Summerlake Park with 6 free lakeside outdoor courts (see our overview)
  2. RECS with indoor courts (see our overview)
  3. Padlehorn (see our overview)
Looking for indoor or outdoor courts? Here's our guide to The Best Places to Play Pickleball in Portland

New Spot Alert: The People’s Court (TPC) just opened this summer in East Portland! This 48,000 multi-court facility features 5 indoor courts and 6 outdoor courts. It has plenty for fun for everyone and also has cornhole, bocce courts, disc-golf, ping pong tables, and arcade, and more.

Portland pickleball leagues

While there are lot of open play and amazing places and courts to play pickleball, there are not as many public leagues available as we’d like. We’re excited to see more leagues start around Portland!

We’ve put together a list of leagues available in the Portland area.

2023 pickleball leagues in Portland

LeagueDates (if available)Location# of PlayersRanking
Air Doubles Pickleball Ladder 202307/06/23 – 10/31/23Beaverton30-40All levels
GPN Demo Team League09/14/23 – 10/31/23Portland303.5 – 4.24
Portland: Pickleball Flex Leagues 09/12/23 – 10/16/23
Registration open til 9/11/23
Portland10UTRP P1-P4
Portland Pickleball League (website)09/10/23 – 11/05/23
Waitlist open
PortlandAll levels
Portland: Pickleball Flex Leagues07/18/23 – 08/21/23Portland27UTRP P1-P4
Club Green Meadows03/01/23 – 04/23/23Vancouver, WA303.5 – 3.99
Open Pickleball Doubles League at PDX (website)04/10/23 – 05/22/23Portland
Let us know if we’re missing any leagues!

Portland pickleball tournaments

Pickleball enthusiasts of all levels have opportunities to test their mettle and forge new friendships on the court in tournaments, with the list only set to grow more each year.

Willamette Valley Open Pickleball Tournament

  • Timing: March
  • Location: Illahe Hills Country Club and Salem Tennis and Swim Club
    Salem, OR 97301

The Willamette Open in Salem is the largest indoor pickleball tournament in Oregon. This year more there were more than 460 players registered to competed in the 3rd annual tournament.

Players received a shirt and three guaranteed matches with a chance to win $10,000 in prize money for the winners. Check out last year’s flyer here.

Register typically opens in October for the tournament in March. If you’re interested in the 2024 tournament, visit Wilamette Valley Open’s website start registering in October 2023.

Portland Pickleball Open

  • Timing: July
  • Location: Sellwood Park, 7987 Southeast Grand Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97202.

The Kelly Johnson Foundation introduced the inaugural Portland Pickleball Open in July 2023.

The tournament showcased adult divisions, including: Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. The tournament also had a youth division, the Junior’s Singles Open.

There were awards to winning players in each division, and all players gained free entry into our sponsor prize drawings.


Pickleball in Portland offers a vibrant and inclusive community for players of all ages and skill levels. With numerous dedicated courts, clubs, and leagues, pickleball enthusiasts can easily connect with others who share their passion for the game.

The city’s beautiful parks and recreation centers provide ample opportunities to enjoy pickleball amidst picturesque surroundings. As the popularity of this sport continues to soar, we believe Portland will continue to grow into a pickleball haven. So grab your paddle, head to the nearest court, and experience the thrilling world of pickleball in the City of Roses!

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