The Best Pickleball Nets on Wheels

Summary: Best nets on wheels

A portable pickleball net is an amazing purchase for getting in more pickleball games and practice. Most portable nets are freestanding, but if you’re looking for something a bit more heavy duty, permanent, and easy to roll out, then you’ll want to consider pickleball net with wheels. Here’s our list of the best portable pickleball nets on wheels:

1. PickleNet Pickleball Portable Net System$460Top pick: Best pickleball net with wheels
2. Fostoy Portable Pickleball Net with Wheels (full and half court)$90Best full & half court net with wheels & Best price
3. Franklin Sports Pickleball Net – Official Size with Wheels$190
4. Fostoy Pickleball Net Set with Wheels (the works)$120Best starter set with the works
5. PICKLETECH 5.0 Portable Pickleball Net with Wheels- Indoor & Outdoor Pickleball$129Best semi-permanent net on wheels
Looking for the best portable net overall (wheels or no wheel)? Check out our picks for the 7 Best Portable Pickleball Nets (Prices, Reviews, and More)

1. Oncourt Offcourt PickleNet Deluxe TAPND 22’x 34″ Oval Tubing Locking Wheels Pickleball Net System

This net also wins the award for “longest, most specific name.” Our team recommends this Oncourt Offcourt portable pickleball net on wheels for it’s ease to build, maneuver, and durability. Oncourt Offcourt is a trustworthy net maker who also make of the official net for the U.S. Pickleball Association.


  • Portable and easy to maneuver
  • Sturdy with heavy duty wheels and frame
  • Center-strap design for consistent height
  • Trustworthy brand


  • Price / too expensive

Price: $460 (August 2023)

What others say about this net

“This net has been great for our family. It’s quick to assemble and disassemble and locks and unlocks easily for maneuvering.”

Bryan Orr (Amazon review, September 2022)

“I put this net together without instruction in about 2 Minutes. I play at a lot of courts with permanent nets. I was worried this would be flimsy, but it is solid. The top tape plays like a permanent setup. Really glad I went this route. Worth the money!”

miisti albright (Amazon review, April 2021)

“Nets don’t weather well” “We bought 2 Fairly happy with them but top cap is fraying after only a few months will need replacement nets within 6 months. Expected a little more for $300 plus per net”

— Albert Prados (Amazon review, February 2022)
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Interest in this version without wheels? Oncourt Offcourt also makes the official net for the U.S. Pickleball Association, which is also a PickleNet Deluxe without wheels. It is actually our top pick for the 7 Best Portable Pickleball Nets, with a much better price point of $149.

2. Fostoy Portable Pickleball Net with Wheels

This Fostoy net is a great option if you want flexibility to be able to setup a full court or half court game. From our research, it seems like pickleball players especially like the half court net with wheels for easy storage and moving while keeping the net setup. (Whereas folks generally found themselves wheeling around a full-sized net less often).

This Fostoy net also wins our pick for the best price, coming in at just $90.


  • Works for full court AND half court
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy with 360° lockable wheels
  • Good price


  • Half court setup has some sagging

Price: $90 (August 2023)

What others say about this net

“Easy assembly and breakdown This portable net is perfect. Has 2 nets. So you [c]an set up for singles play. Or longer net for official doubles play. Sturdy enough for one person to move it around wit the included wheels. Perfect for driveway or parking lot play. Just ad lines. Breaks down to easy carry bag that fits in trunk”

— Scott (Amazon review, August 2023)

“Very durable and easy to assemble and move. The wheels are a great feature. Net tension adjustment with the Velcro straps. No sagging.”

— Mario (Amazon review, July 2023)

“We painted a pickleball court in our driveway! This is a great set up for a temporary court, and you can use either the full-court or the half-court option. It is surprisingly sturdy, and assembly is quick and foolproof. Great set up at a low cost. It is getting more difficult to find open public courts, and this is a good option for practice at home.”

— Cindy (Amazon review, June 2023)
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3. Franklin Sports Pickleball Net – Official Size with Wheels

The Franklin net with wheels is a good option for folks looking to buy a reliable pickleball net from a well-known brand. This Franklin net has received especially good reviews around how easy it is to setup.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Good price


  • Leaves rust on concrete after rains
  • Wheels can bend

Price: $190 (August 2023)

What others say about this net

“Love the rollers on the net” “The rollers are great. It would be nice if the bottom polls were a little more sturdy.”

— barbara rader (Pickleball Central review, November 2022)

“Tbe net is super easy to assemble thanks to the bungee cords that keep the poles together. The net must be plaved after the net poles are inserted and must be done from both ends at the same time. Otherwise, it’s a breeze to assemble and take down. The net is tight as it should be at the top (many nets begin sagging).

My only complaint is that the wheels are somewhat easy to bend – do not step on the end bases to pull the net out or it will bend the wheels.”

— D. Piedra (Amazon review, August 2023)

“It’s a good net for the price. Love the fact that some of the poles are connected by string. Easy to set up. I think it’s a good net and it’s pretty durable”

— tphung949 (Amazon review, June 2023)
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4. Fostoy Pickleball Net Set with Wheels (the works)

The Fostoy Pickleball Net Set is a good option if you’re looking for a full starter set on wheels without spending a ton of money. The net set comes with a carrying case which makes it especially portable, and a great way to get games goings with family and friends on trips, outings, vacations, and more. The biggest criticism is that the equipment (pickleballs, paddles, etc.) are fairly basic and lower quality.


  • Full starter set
  • Comes with court markers, pickleballs, paddles
  • Good price


  • Cheaper, basic equipment (e.g. wooden paddles)

Price: $190 (August 2023)

What others say about this net

Well-made. Great for the price. Never played before, so I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. This was perfect it’s well-made and it will last a long time

— Andrea riccio (Amazon review, August 2023)

“We purchased this kit for our church gymnasium. We were able to unpack the box and set it all up within ten minutes. The paddles are wooden. The indoor balls work great on the gymnasium floor. The net and frame is excellent quality! We are a family of mixed skill. Some of us have been playing PickleBall for a few years, while others just started this week. Having this kit will be fantastic for church gatherings of young (and old) people. Great product!”

— Kimberly (Amazon review, July 2023)

“This net was easy to set up. All the parts come with a nice bag for traveling. The paddles are on the cheap side, so we used our nicer paddles when playing.”

— Susan J. (Amazon review, July 2023)
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5. PICKLETECH 5.0 Portable Pickleball Net with Wheels – Indoor & Outdoor

The Pickletech net is one of the heavier portable pickleball nets we reviewed, coming in at around 25 pounds. While that may be a con for folks that want a net on the go, this sturdy net actually makes for a better semi-permanent setup. One thing to note is that while the net itself is regulation height, the wheels actually bring the net to 38″ (2 inches above regulation height).


  • Straightforward, convenient
  • Great for a more permanent setup
  • Wheels that can lock


  • Many separate parts
  • Heavier (though great for making it more permanent

Price: $129 (August 2023)

What others say about this net

“Heavier than expected, still portable – must for pickle ball addicts.” “Easy to set up and I like that I can roll it out to the driveway to play and fold it away when not in use. Planned to carry it out to a party but found it a bit heavy so it IS portable but not that much. It’s a solid piece, will last for years. It’s definitely worth the investment if you’re a recent addict to pickleball like we are. It’s also a neat and different gift for such folks – I know I’d rather get this as a gift for Christmas! Recommended.”

— Grins ‘n Gripes Inc (Amazon review, August 2023)

“Nice nets that do what nets do as well as light ad portable. The wheels make for easy and quick installation if needed for casual play. Just be aware, with the wheels on, the nets are a bit higher than regulation. not a major issue, depending on one’s needs.”

— Syl Sabastian (Amazon review, June 2023)
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It’s easy to setup your own pickleball court with a portable net. When it comes to portable nets you have two options: with or without wheels. A setup with wheels makes it easier to keep the net setup (or folded) and just wheel out to your yard or driveway for ease.

However, portable nets with wheels may be less sturdy than ones without wheels and may go above regulation height (due to the added height with the wheels).

Tell us which pickleball net you use and how you like it! Or comment on if there’s a portable net you’d like us to review!

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