The Best Pickleball in Denver: Pickleball Food Pub Review

Summary: Great pickleball bar in Denver

The Pickleball Food Pub was one our top picks for places to play in Denver. Located in Westminster, it has premier indoor facilities:

  • 8 new dedicated pickleball courts
  • Full-service bar
  • Fantastic leagues and tournaments

It’s also an awesome place to get started with pickleball or introduce friends and colleagues to the game. The staff is friendly and will happily show newcomers how to play.

More information on the Pickleball Food Pub below.

  1. Address and hours
  2. Prices
  3. What’s available at the Pickleball Food Pub
  4. What others are saying about this pickleball bar
  5. Conclusion and other pickleball places in Denver
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Details: Pickleball Food Pub

Location, hours, and contact


  • Non-peak: $30/hour (weekdays before 5p, weekend before 12p)
  • Peak: $40/hour
  • Memberships available: $120/year (benefits like 10% discount, 1 free league, and more). Learn more about Pickleball Food Pub Memberships
  • Kids free on Sunday afternoon: Ages 5 – 10 play free with parents
Book your Pickleball Food Pub court online here.

What’s available at the Pickleball Food Pub

What’s available at this Denver pickleball bar? Delicious drinks and a happy hour!

Food and drink

Drinks. There’s a full-service bar available with an extensive menu and amply seating.

  • Pickleball Food Pub has a nice happy hour for an easy-on-the-wallet pickleball bar time. The Happy Hour is available Monday – Friday from 7a – 5p: $5 house shots, craft beers, and win.
  • Weekend Brunch Buckets for $25 (which includes a fun Pink Pony drink on the menu)
  • Nightly league specials at the bar Monday – Friday (hello, Women’s League $5 Tito’s)

Food. Unfortunately there is no food available on the menu. However, you’re free to bring in food or order for delivery (pizza party pickleball anyone?).

Leagues and tournaments

Pickleball Food Pub offers leagues for all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced doubles for men, women, and mixed partners. Leagues happen each season (e.g. spring, winter) and you can sign up directly online.

Learn more about Pickleball Food Pub's leagues here

For those who are more competitive, Pickleball Food Pub has you covered with tournaments.

The tournaments are great fun, fantastic libations at an indoor pickleball bar, and historically awesome sponsors like Breckenridge Brewery and Left Hand Brewery. Learn more about tournaments here.

Events at the Pickleball Food Pub

Our team found this pickleball bar to be a fantastic spot for hosting events (meetings, parties, team building). Nothing says “You’re my people” like a pickleball court with a bar filled with good drinks.

Throw in some trust falls and… Voila! Team bonding.

Don’t worry if your team hasn’t played pickleball before! The friendly staff can assist with pickleball instructions to kick off your event.

Lobby with other games

Lastly, one of our favorite parts of the Pickleball Food Hall is the lobby that welcomes guests into a lobby with table tennis, cornhole, a pro shop, and beer taps.

Event reservation inquiries online here.

What others say about the Pickleball Food Pub


  • Great for beginners
  • Great during cold weather
  • Lively and can get busy especially on weekends. Recommendations to reserve a court online (here)
  • Ironically no food on the menu, but snack are available and you can bring food from outside

I only have two critiques… The lights were a bit much when trying to look up for a flying neon ball… I am simply confused as to why this place has the term “food pub” in its name when they very much do not serve food.

My friends and I had a blast playing during the $5 promo late weeknight deal, had some beers and ordered in pizza, and even played some cornhole while we waited.

— Madi H (Yelp, May 2022)

Pickleball beginner and really loving it so we’ve tried to search out indoor courts during cold weather. This one has plenty of courts, at 7pm on a Saturday it was full and luckily we had already made a reservation. I would recommend making one if it’s during a busy time as it seems to get crowded. The bar is nice although you can only have food and drinks by the table which makes sense as you don’t want to spill on the court.

— Amanda J. (Yelp, Mar 2022)

This place has SO much potential. Reserved a court for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon when it was snowing. The place was busy so definitely make a reservation. Awesome to see people of all ages playing….

No food yet so we ordered delivery in which was fine. The bar is well stocked!

— Christa R (Yelp, Feb 2022)

Conclusion (and more Denver pickleball spots)

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