The Best Places to Play Pickleball in Denver

Overview: Where to play pickleball in Denver

Denver is one of the best places to play pickleball! Locals love being active. You’ll find plenty of enthusiasts and serious players playing in your neighborhood park, at the rec center, or at dozens of dedicated indoor and outdoor courts across town.

Our picks for the best places to play pickleball in Denver:

  1. Best outdoor court: Gates Tennis Center
  2. Best indoor court: Denver Parks & Recreation’s Rec Centers
  3. Best place with indoor and outdoor courts: Simms Street Rec Center
  4. Honorary Mention – Best social court: Pickleball Food Pub

Bonus: Read more in our Crew’s spot highlight of the Pickleball Food Pub.

Best outdoor courts in Denver

Denver locals love being active and outside. There’s no shortage of great places to play pickleball outdoors. So pick up your paddles and get some fun in the sun with our picks for where to play pickleball outdoors in Denver:

1. Gates Tennis Center

The details

The Gates Tennis Center is an award-winning facility located within Pulaski Park that features club-like amenities in a public facility. Affordable, top-notch, and inclusive, this center is a great place to enjoy racket and paddle sports.

The prices

  • $6 per hour daily rental of the courts
  • $8 one-time to reserve a drop-in spot during open play sessions any day of the week (punch cards also available for $40 for 8-visits)

What others are saying

  • “Gates is the premiere Pickleball venue in Denver!!! Great management, front desk folks, courts, Pros, programs and people. Incredibly vibrant and inclusive… love to watch so many age groups and abilities out there playing and enjoying this amazing sport !!!” — Colleen K on Yelp
  • “I started pickleball at Gates about 5 years ago. Since then Gates has become central to the pickleball community across the metro area. With the addition of top notch instructors and well maintained courts, Gates is leading the way to bring pickleball to people of all ages and abilities. The reservation system is easy. Open play is helpful. As noted, the front desk is helpful and considerate. I would recommend Gates for pickleball to everyone looking for a good way to exercise and socialize with friends and strangers.” — Julie L. on Yelp

2. Denver Parks and Recreation: Outdoor courts

Your tax dollars are being put to good use. Inside the Mile High City, Denver Parks and Recreation created and maintains courts in parks all around Denver:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Park (4 outdoor courts)
  • Skyland Park (4 outdoor courts)
  • Bear Valley Park (4 outdoor courts with permanent lines and nets)
  • Huston Lake Park (4 outdoor courts with permanent lines and nets)
  • Congress Park (4 outdoor courts)

All courts are free and first-come, first-serve and open between 10a – 4pm during the winter season.

Call out: Congress Park is particularly great and is known for it’s robust, social pickleball scene. Feel free to head there after work or on the weekends, but just make sure you get there before the sun sets since there are no lights.

3. Bear Valley Park (Pickleball and Tennis)

The details

A great place to play pickleball even after sunset since all four permanent courts are lit up, well-maintained, and fenced. Bear Valley Park also offers well-maintained tennis.

4. Coyote Ridge Park (brand new July 2024)

The details

A brand new set of pickleball courts just opened in July 2023 in Catle Pines. This is a great pickleball spot with 5 outdoor hard courts that are fenced and lit up. Courts are free and restrooms are available onsite.

5. Cornerstone Park

The details

Rare find: These outdoor courts are ideal for evening play since they’re lighted! There’s also bathrooms in the park and lots of parking available.

The prices

You can reserve courts online for $10-30 per hour based on residency and times.

Best indoor courts in Denver

Whether you’re trying to avoid the rain or sun, or just want to enjoy some nice pickleball courts indoor, you’re in luck. Denver has an incredible list of indoor pickleball courts across the city, especially in it’s recreation centers. Check out our picks for where to play pickleball indoors in Denver.

1. LifeTime Fitness (Membership required)

Here’s a breakdown of the pickleball courts in the LifeTime Fitness locations across the Denver area:

LocationPickleball courts available
Centennial9 dedicated indoor courts
Cherry Creek9 dedicated indoor courts
Denver-West10+ dedicated indoor courts
Parker-Aurora10+ dedicated indoor courts
Westminster3 dedicated indoor courts
Bonus: Colorado Springs4 dedicated indoor courts

2. Denver Parks and Recreation: Indoor courts rec centers

If you want to play indoors, know that your tax dollars are also being put to good use. Here’s a list of indoor courts in recreation centers across Denver:

  • Ashland Recreation Center
  • Aztlan Recreation Center
  • Athmar Recreation Center
  • Cook Park Recreation Center
  • Eisenhower Recreation Center
  • Harvard Gulch Recreation Center
  • Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center
  • Montbello Recreation Center
  • Montclair Recreation Center
  • Scheitler Recreation Center
  • Stapleton Recreation Center
  • St. Charles Recreation Center
  • Southwest Recreation Center
  • Twentieth St. Recreation Center
  • Washington Park Recreation Center

All courts are also first-come, first-serve. (Just remember to bring your paddles since the recreation centers don’t provide paddles!)

Check out our in-depth review of Athmar Rec Center's facilities.

The best places with indoor and outdoor courts

If you’re looking for a pickleball spot that has both indoor and outdoor courts, your bet best will be to go to one of the recreation centers. Simms in Arvada is our pick with ample courts and is popular with pickleball players of all ages.

1. Simms Street Recreation Center

The details

Just north of Denver in Arvada, some would call Simms a pickleball mecca. Bonus: paddle rental, seating, and lots of free parking are available.

The hours

Open 7 days a week from 6am to 10pm.

The prices

  • Free in June, July, and August from 11a – 6p on weekdays and 11a – 10p on weekends.
  • $10 per hour for residents to reserve a court and guarantee your spot
  • $12 per hour for non-residents to reserve a court
  • Drop-in fees tend to be $5-7 depending on the season, with discounts for youth and seniors.

Pickleball bars and social courts in Denver

Denver is leading the pack when it comes to combining sports and fun. Similar to how TopGolf turned drivings ranges into a new social game, Denver is breaking new ground with Pickleball bars.

Check out some of the best pickleball bars and social courts below:

1. Pickleball Food Pub

The details

Opened in 2022, this open and beautiful facility has leagues, can be reserved for team-building events and birthday parties, and offers lessons for beginner or expert players.

The prices

  • $30 per hour during non-peak (Monday- Friday before 5pm, weekends before 12pm)
  • $40 per hour during peak hours
  • Memberships available at $120 per year
Check out our Crew's detailed spot highlight of the Pickleball Food Pub here.

2. The HangryHorse Eatery

The details

An interesting concept that combines your local eatery, sports bar, and entertainment hub. The Hangry Horse partners with local breweries and food partners (growers and producers) to bring you delicious food and drink while you enjoy the various sports and fun.

The prices

  • $49 per month membership ($25 guest fee)
  • $29 per month membership for first responders

We’ve really enjoyed putting together this list of awesome places to play pickleball in Denver. Just drop us a comment if there’s any spot we’re missing, any details you’d like us to add, or a place you’d like us to write a spot highlight on.

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